As Cramer says, "Sell, sell, sell!"

Every pundit that goes on TV has one big item on the agenda: gather AUM (assets under management) or sell “research” by any means necessary. One particular tactic works the best to get people to “buy, buy, buy!”
The Sky is Falling:
U.S. Stock Market Is ‘Overvalued, Overbought and Overbullish’: John Hussman (video)
According to Hussman, corporate profits are near 11% of GDP and 70% above the historical norm. . . . “Even marginal improvements in the federal deficit and in household savings, which are necessary because of the debt burdens households have taken on…we are likely to see -12% earnings growth annualized over the next three to four years – in other words substantial weakness in corporate profits.”
The Sky is Falling:
Obama’s Budget Is a Ridiculous Charade: Doug Casey (video)
He is quick to spit out divisive statements like, “the ethical thing to do would be for the U.S. to declare bankruptcy,” “the next generation will be turned into indentured servants,” and “people who buy government debt deserve to be punished and taught a lesson.”
The Sky is Falling:
Gold, Long a Secure Investment, Loses Its Luster
And in Pocatello, Idaho, the tiny golden treasure of Jon Norstog has dwindled, too. A $29,000 investment that Mr. Norstog made in 2011 is now worth about $17,000, a loss of 42 percent. “I thought if worst came to worst and the government brought down the world economy, I would still have something that was worth something,” Mr. Norstog, 67, says of his foray into gold.
The Sky is Falling:
22-year JGB bubble may be about to burst (video)
A surge in JGB volatility could mark the beginning of the end of a 22-year bubble in Japanese govt bonds, according to Bank of New York Mellon’s Simon Derrick. How worried should we be?
What happens to an advisory with no Chicken Little guru to sell it?
Personal Capital
3 years, $27M VC funding, only to get assets under management of ONE single average broker.
5 years, $13M VC funding, only to get assets under management of ONE single average broker.
And that, is why they go on TV all the time and write endless essays.