Find work, and the career will follow

Every time I read another story like this one, it sounds like White Whine to me:

I don’t know what to do? Should I take the comfortable job and work towards finishing my degree at the same time, even though I am not sure I want to be an historian anymore? Should I take the job and pursue a new education path during my after-work hours to develop a career in another field, perhaps law? Or should I pass on the job offer and look for an entry-level position in a field that interests me and does not require formal education, such as website optimisation or content management?

For God’s sake, find work, and things will start happening (as if “website optimisation or content management” can be done by a monkey)!

The Overlord or the Serf?

In my time, I have learned there is actually a simple answer to this question. You either work to live, or live to work. The vast majority of people are not good at anything, and even if they are lucky enough to find something they excel at right away, they can’t be bothered to practice.
You might even be good at something you don’t particularly love, but if the pay is good, then you’ve found a great way to work to live. This point is even more important in today’s bifurcated employment landscape.
That’s it! Get work while you can, before the robots take over!