Rosenberg and Weinberg on Inflation

To continue on the “it’s so down, it must soon go up” theme, here are David Rosenberg and Weinberg on inflation.
First up, is David Rosenberg on March 7: ‘I Don’t Think Inflation Is Dead’. I can’t embed the video, so click on the link to watch it.

Next, Carl Weinberg on February 18, ‘There is no inflation in Japan’, which is an experiment we watch from a distance, since it’s this could be a scale model of what could happen to rapidly aging societies.

Rosenberg was on The Hayes Report yesterday. He said, “the U.S. economy will gain enough “forward momentum” now to break out of its current growth trend of about 2% and top 3% by the second quarter of this year. He is wary of the U.S. stock market at current valuations and says it is ripe for a small correction.”