When Volatility is a Good Thing


Former member Jeff wrote on July 15 to lament the lack of intraday trading opportunities:

Hope you are well. Do you have any intentions to trade the eminis more than Wed mornings?
It appears the portfolio management is the predominant focus on the site now, and I have always enjoyed the mathematical, quant interest and short term trading we did back in early 2000s.

I replied:

I’m going to trade the eminis live on Tuesdays since Wednesdays seem to have way too many economic numbers in the morning.
The focus is on more swing trading with the Select 10 and the portfolios, simply because that’s the timeframe where the big money is being made, unlike back in the good old days. That said, I broadcast the mechanical signals for the ES each afternoon.

Of course, volatility then exploded and we started to get days like this. That’s why traders must vary their operations accordingly. For more, see Day-Trading E-mini Stock Index Futures.