Where the grass is greener, NOT!

Vancouver: Just another day in paradise
This is a typical scene* a block from my apartment. I do battle with this every single day. And I don’t even live in the cheap seats.
So you can imagine my shock when The Economist Intelligence Unit issued their annual liveability ratings today:

With low crime, little threat from instability or terrorism and a highly developed transport and communications infrastructure, Canada and Australia are home to the most liveable destinations in the world. Four of the ten most liveable cities surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit are in Australia, and two of the top five are Canadian. Vancouver is the most attractive destination, with a liveability index of just 1.3%

Even though my hometown is overwhelmed by a sea of guns, overrun by homeless drug addicts and grow-ops, employs a legion of private security officers, serves as the hub of organized crime, forcing me to drive a Honda to avoid having my car stolen (again), it has somehow managed to top the list for the fifth year in a row while my beloved Vienna is third on the list.
*See more photos by Wendell Phillips.